Hillingdon Crime Up 15%

Police_in_Manor.jpgNew figures from the Metropolitan Police show that crime is UP by more than 15% in Hillingdon.

The figures, available on the Met’s web site, put Hillingdon way ahead of any other London Borough. Violent crimes have soared to 6896 in the 12 months to February.

London’s Police and Crime Commissioner is Boris Johnson

The responsibility for Crime in London lies with the Mayor of London - Boris Johnson - in his role as Police and Crime Commissioner. Mr Johnson has  delegated the job away to a more junior member of the London Assembly and then tied his hands by cutting the Police Budget this year.

Crime a top issue

Mike Cox said “Crime and the fear of crime is a top issue for local people in Uxbridge and South Ruislip. We are lucky to live is a relatively safe area of London but there has been a spate of burglaries which demand urgent attention. The local police are doing a great job with limited resources. Having been the victim of a burglary crime myself a few years ago I know the upset this can cause. While I was a Councillor I always took a keen interest in helping the local ward Police. It’s vitally important that we help our local force as much as possible.

Mayor declined chance to answer questions

Mike added “We are blessed in this constituency to have local people who take a great interest in helping the Police. The example of the Ruislip and Eastcote Crime awareness Facebook web site is a great new example. I was delighted to be asked to answer question from members of this site recently along with other candidates. The Mayor of London declined.”

See Hillingdon's crime figures on the Met Police's web site.

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