It's not too late to think again about Brexit

alex_ickenham_300.jpgAlex Cunliffe, Chair of Hillingdon Borough Liberal Democrats said, “It is overwhelmingly in the interests of the people of Hillingdon for the UK to remain in the European Union.  Whilst Boris Johnson continues to peddle myths about the impact of immigration on wages, our local hospitals are already struggling to recruit staff to cover vital positions, because our European neighbours don’t feel welcome here.  When and if we leave the EU, there will be a hard border at Heathrow, damaging the local economy and impacting on many throughout the borough.  I have spoken to many who are already starting to feel the pinch as Britain’s economy weakens and the pound in your pocket buys less. 

"I understand that many people feel left behind and feel that they have not seen the benefits of the single market, but it is those same people who will be left out in the cold following Brexit.   The Tory party has no plan to implement Brexit, which is not surprising since Boris Johnson and Theresa May can’t even agree on what they want our relationship with the EU to look like in a few years’ time, and Boris Johnson’s call for unity is yet another attempt to distract his constituents from this very real mess that he assured us would not occur.

"We know all about Boris Johnson’s hopes to be Prime Minister and no-one thinks he is the sort to give up on his dreams of power, just so he can look after the people who elected him.   Hillingdon Residents deserve a representative who will put them, and not his own personal ambitions, first.”

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