Jill Rhodes

On 27th April 2020 we received the sad news that our friend and long term liberal Jill Rhodes had died. We cannot at the moment celebrate Jill’s life as we would wish - that will come later - but for now here are two of the tributes from our team

Mike Cox, who served as a Councillor with Jill writes “Jill Rhodes was married to Peter until he passed away many years ago and a mother to Penny and Anthony. She was a registered nurse which made her very practical and gave her a wicked sense of humour.

She was a regular at the local Catholic church on Long lane and involved herself is an array of local charitable causes. She had been involved in politics and the Liberal party then Liberal Democrats for many years before I knew her but with the ill health of one of the party stalwarts I helped persuade her to run seriously for the Council in 1998 and to her astonishment (but not ours) she won and retained her seat in Hillingdon until she retired in 2010.

She was incredibly diligent with residents problems which made her very popular. For someone so steeped in local politics for so long she was the least political person you could imagine. I had the pleasure to serve with her as a fellow councillor for 8 years from 2002 to 2010, the last 2 years on our own as the lone voice of Liberal Democrats in Hillingdon, which was very challenging, but she provided me with huge support for which I will always be grateful.”

Pete Dollimore, her Agent for each of her elections, said “Jill was a really determined champion for local residents and a very forceful one too! Hers was very definitely a no-nonsense approach. Both within the Lib Dems and beyond she was an incredibly busy person - her diary was always full with meetings and activities including the U3A and charitable groups like Cards for Good Causes, I know that she worked on child safety projects and probably a lot more besides that I don't know - her diary was always choc full of cleverly colour coded entries for all the myriad of things she had to do!

Among all of that she found time for and enjoyed catering for her groups including the annual Lib Dem barbecues that we all enjoyed so much. We will miss Jill's determination to sort things out for ordinary people - always willing to help and get things done.”

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