Lib Dem Boost for Hillingdon's Pupils

Schools in Hillingdon have benefited from more than £34million in extra school money to help ensure children from more disadvantaged backgrounds are able to make better progress -  and it's working.


School leaders are required to show how they are spending the money to "narrow the gap" between those children from less well of families compared with those from better off homes. Details are published on school web sites and typically show how extra teachers, booster classes and other experiences are paid for with the extra money to boost those children's learning. Results from OFSTED show the gap is now narrowing - that's really great news.

The policy - one the Liberal Democrats have had to argue strongly against the dominant Conservatives for - has been achieved despite the stringent financial times. Since 2010, more than £5.5bn has been allocated to schools in England to benefit the most disadvantaged children.

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