Liberal Democrats announced this week that they will invest an extra £6billion a year in NHS and social care.

This flagship policy will be paid for through an immediate 1p rise on all rates of income tax and have a positive impact on health and social care services in Hillingdon Borough. This funding will be ring-fenced to be spent only on the NHS and social care and will provide vital services with the money they desperately need as part of a five point plan to put health and care services on a more sustainable footing long term.

Uxbridge and South Ruislip candidate, Rosina Robson said:

"The Lib Dems will protect and invest in our NHS locally. The impact of Tory cuts and endless restructuring to our National Health Service is a scandal - the Tories backdoor privatisation has brought our health services to their knees and they seem hellbent on breaking the NHS permanently.

We all know that the Tories Brexit promise of an extra £350m for the NHS was plain lies. And they have admitted it didn't add up.  We have a growing older population with increasingly complex health needs, but the Tories have their heads in the sand about the services and investment that's needed for a modern health and social care system that meets people's needs.  The Lib Dems are offering an honest set of positive proposals to deliver a long-term plan for the future of health and social care."


The Lib Dem five-step plan for the NHS & Social Care:

1. Introduce a 1% raise in income tax, generating £6bn a year.

2. Ring-fence ALL of this for the NHS and care, investing efficiently and effectively in social care, primary care, mental health and public health.

3. Introduce a dedicated Health and Care Tax, showing on people’s payslips exactly what we spend it on these vital services.

4. Establish a cross-party health and care convention, consulting and working with patients, the public, NHS staff and care workers, to ensure our systems are sustainable and integrated and put on a sustainable financial footing in the long term.

5. Introduce an Independent Office of Health and Care Funding to monitor health and care budgets, which would report every three years on how much money the system needs to flourish.

Liberal Democrats know the value of teamwork and community spirit, that’s why nationally you will see teams of volunteers visiting other areas to help get this important message out.  

For more information in the full Lib Dem press release see:

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