Liberal Democrats announced today that they will invest nearly £7bn more in schools and colleges over the next Parliament.

This funding would reverse damaging Tory cuts to school and college budgets including in Hillingdon Borough, protect per-pupil funding in real terms, and ensure that every school gets the support it deserves. The Lib Dems go further than Labour’s commitment to reverse £3bn of cuts to school budgets by 2020.

Uxbridge and South Ruislip candidate, Rosina Robson said:

 "This is a real commitment to investment for young people in this London borough. As a school governor of a primary school over a number of years, I know well the damage that Tory cuts are doing to both school budgets and teacher morale. Lib Dems have announced this flagship policy which goes to the heart of who we are as a party – wanting all children to have the best possible start in life through a good education.

The Tories are intent on wasting time and taking us back to the 1950s through re-introducing divisive grammar schools. Vote to change the direction of our country on Thursday 8 June and send the government a message that our our children and teachers need proper investment."

Liberal Democrats know the value of teamwork and community spirit; that’s why nationally you will see teams of volunteers going out to other areas to help get this important message out.

For more information see the full Lib Dem press release here:


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