Summer Survey

Karl and some new members and supporters conducted a summer survey around West Drayton on the 24th of August and it was amazingly successful and informative.

We discovered the following:
1. 81% of those questioned would vote Liberal Democrat at the next local and general election.
2. The 3 main priorities for the locality are Crime, Parking, and Dog Fouling.
3. The 3 top priorities for the country are Brexit, Housing, and the NHS.


ALDC Feedback Day

Thanks to Pete and Jonathan for making a very interesting presentation with lots of ideas.  The pinnacle was a very concise action plan that we can implement throughout the constituencies.


Pride 2019

Thanks to all of our activists and members who supported Pride 2019.  A very busy day and lots of sunshine.

Northwood Action Day





We are pleased to distribute in Northwood today with our candidate Jonathan Banks.   

We started with a quick coffee and catch up and then went forth to spread the word.  We wanted to thank all of the people that voted for us in the EU Elections.

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EU Election Count

Jonathan and Karl for the evening shift at the European elections count. Thanks to Tony and Melanie too, who put a lot of hours during the day.


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Northwood Action Day

Sunny day in Northwood meeting people and distributing our EU election leaflets.

Campaign Planning

Our PPCs and officers working on the forthcoming campaign. Join us next time?!






New Hillingdon Lib Dems Exec members, Chris Hooper and Karl Lawrence met in Uxbridge today to update their IT website-building skills.  

Look out for more updates on the website and if you have any news you would like us to share, please email .  We look forward to hearing from you!




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