Phone Bank

Please join us in calling our members to check on their welfare. It's always appreciated and a pleasant call.

For more details, you can contact me at





Hillingdon East By Election

Not a target for us, but thanks to our candidate Chris Hooper, our treasurer Alex and our agent Pete Dollimore.


Action Day With Siobhan

Thanks to all the Hillingdon members that attended on Saturday to meet Siobhan and help with a bit of campaigning. We supported a local business Ickenham Cafe and raised some money for the local party.


Campaigning in Hillingdon East


Out and about Saturday 8 February 2020 with our candidate for the Hillingdon East by election, Chris Hooper.

Why not join us next Saturday?

Chris Hooper, Pete Dollimore, Karl Lawrence


Curry Night

Thanks to all attendees of Curry Night. Enjoyed some lively discussion and helped some local parties funds.

Why not join us next time?

Please check our calendar to see other events


Nomination papers are in

Great news! Papers are submitted and accepted for the Hillingdon by election.  Chris Hooper will be our candidate for 27 February election.

Please help anyway you can by donating to her campaign or helping us out at street stands and phone banks.

Massive thanks to Alex (Treasurer) and Pete (Campaigns  Manager) without whom I would not have been able to get the papers done.

Northwood Canvassing

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and achieved an enormous canvassing result in Northwood. It’s a great way to get some exercise and really get a 'buzz' for the election.

Pub Night Oct 2019

A very lively event and so well attended. Great to see everyone and chat with engaging ideas. Even the quiz night couldn't drown us out!